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Market intelligence

Your competition are the guys who can potentially overtake you in the market. The same guys who you can overtake in the market! Whichever position you are in you need to keep an eye on your competition.

As the famous quotation goes, 'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer'.

CSM's Market Intelligence service compromises of the following:
  • Detailing specific information required.
  • Agreeing targeted competitors.
  • Setting realistic call cycles/seasonal timeframes/promotional campaigns to survey.
  • Whilst monitoring your targeted competitors our team will also look out for any 'newcomers' to your category.
  • Reporting back in one of our detailed formats.
This information enables your company to keep abreast of seasonal demands, range change demands, customer demands and demonstrate to your clients and customers that you are the market leaders.

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CSM operate nationwide. Our team of local merchandisers, area reps and territory managers are ready to assist you. Regular call cycles or ad hoc support. Ring us today to discuss your requirements.

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