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Merchandising Services

CSM provides a tailored merchandising service. We offer merchandising and rep merchandising, as below:

  • plan o gram maintenance
  • range compliance
  • ticket checks
  • dusting and facing up
  • working down hand stock
  • cutting in of new products, relays and rollouts
  • vendor refill management/ordering
  • erection of POS material, wobblers, shelf talkers
  • stock take
Some products fly whereas other need excellent product placement and display maintenance to achieve sales. CSM will provide the service that you require. If your products are easy to look after then the cost reflects this.

However, some products need more attention: you may have a specialised product which requires your in store representative to educate the store staff selling your products, you may have loss leaders and require your in store representatives to ensure your full range is stocked and supported, suitably displayed and promoted. In this case CSM offer a Rep Merchandising service as follows:

Rep Merchandising:
  • all of the merchandising services as above
  • GMROI targeting
  • brand building
  • negotiating and maintaining off shelf locations/secondary facings
  • in store education
We acknowledge that some products require extra thought and attention to ensure your sales are optimised. We are proactive in getting your GMROI and weeks SOH as required, through in store transfers, multiple store ordering and supported management of your products.

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CSM operate nationwide. Our team of local merchandisers, area reps and territory managers are ready to assist you. Regular call cycles or ad hoc support. Ring us today to discuss your requirements.

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