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Mystery shopping

Secret Shoppers can assist with a wide range of situations. Whatever the request, the information gained is insightful, valuable, useable and beneficial to your future business.

Whether you wish to secret shop your own team, the retail outlets selling your products or even your competitors, CSM can handle your request.

Ask yourself.....
  • Do you know that your products are being suitably stocked, presented and promoted?
  • Are your potential customers being informed about your current promotions and being directed to your products?
  • Are your customer experiences matching your brand promise?
  • Are the retail stores fully supporting your costly in store promotions and maximising the opportunities at the point of sale?

CSM's mystery shopping team provide a variety of services which can gain you the information you require:


Posing as a customer our secret shopper can either telephone or visit a retail outlet as per your instruction.

CSM Mystery Shoppers 'Shop' within your product category and, using specific pre determined questions, they will gain insightful information to inform you if:
  •  your product was on display
  •  your product was suitably stocked
  •  your point of sale material was in place
  • sales are being maximized at the point of sale
  • store staff are providing a suitable level of service to your potential customers
  • store staff were aware of your promotion
  • store staff's opinion of your promotion and products is positive
  • store staff highlighted the promotion to customers
  • store staff were sufficiently educated about your product
  • store staff steered customers towards your product over a competitors
At the end of the survey you will be suitably armed to make strategic decisions which could have a significant impact on your future sales. You could specifically target stores for in store training, make changes to your reps call cycle to give extra support to certain stores, offer extra training to your telesales team or make changes to future in store promotions etc; 

Do you need to keep a track on your competitors pricing? CSM can pose as shoppers and gain this valuable information. You choose the period, the product range and stores and we will do the rest. If desired, CSM can provide this information in a format which clearly highlights price variances between yours and your competitors.

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